Gowrie Early Learning Kewdale is nestled amongst trees near the beautiful Tomato Lake, in Paterson Road.

The Kewdale centre caters for 57 children from birth to school age. Our passionate educators are dedicated to providing quality care and education for the children and families. The centre boasts three indoor and outdoor environments that are designed to foster the children’s development and encourage a strong sense of belonging.

An amazing nature play based outdoor environment provides a haven for learning and development. Children are encouraged to use all spaces of the environment to investigate, explore, face challenges, balance, run, swing, and build while developing skills through social interactions, role-play, unsupported and supported play experiences and by making choices. The worm farm, recycling bins and vegetable garden assist our educators to teach children the importance of sustainability, recycling and caring for our environment.

Comfortable and welcoming indoor spaces foster a sense of belonging through homelike provisions. Children are encouraged to use the environment to meet their individual needs and interests. Our educators enjoy providing experiences and activities that are child lead and that foster a feeling of positive self-worth, while promoting skills in all developmental domains. Children choose the equipment and materials they wish to play with and investigate.

Children take part in inclusive experiences and activities throughout each day, developing and promoting independence, learning, self-esteem and respectful relationships. Educators recognise each child’s individual interests, culture and backgrounds and respectfully encompass these into daily experiences.

Nutritionally balanced meals are prepared on the premises in our beautifully equipped kitchen. Allergies and nutritional requirements are catered for in consultation with the family and Gowrie WA educators.  Meal times are inviting and relaxed, providing wonderful opportunities to develop social skills and relationships.

At Gowrie Early Learning Kewdale, we also provide a fun, educational and engaging school holiday vacation care program for primary school aged children. If you would like to know more about vacation care at at Gowrie Early Learning Kewdale, please contact us.

We are located at:
23 Paterson Road, Kewdale 6105

You can contact us on:
Telephone: 9312 8200
Email: kewdale@gowrie-wa.com.au